This is another one of our Canadian English conversations where we are going to share some of our memories and adventures from travelling around Canada on a ferry boat. These boats are part of the transportation and highway network in areas where cars and people need to get across rivers, lakes, and even sections of ocean!

Canadian English Conversations About Ferry Boat Rides

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About Amy & Curtis – English Teachers from Canada

Our fun conversations are based on interesting stories and adventrues that we have had. To make sure that you get exposed to authentic Canadian English, we speak in a totally natural way, including our mistakes and thinking noises.

What is the difference between American English and Canadian English?

In Canada, we speak ‘American English’ (includes all of North America) but we have a few words that are uniquely Canadian such as toque (wool hat), smokey (sausage), etc. Canadians usually speak clearly and have a neutral accent that is very similar to the western states of the USA. We are from the beautiful province of British Columbia which is located in the most western part of Canada.