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What to Expect from our Lessons:

First Lesson: Start by explaining your goals and learning challenges. At the same time, your teacher will evaluate your communication abilities and discuss a learning plan with you. If there is time remaining, the teacher will do a small activity that matches your level and challenges some skills you want to improve.

Homework: At the end of each lesson, you will be given a task to compete before the next lesson that will help you to continue improving the skills in the learning plan.

Future Classes: As your skill improve, your teacher will choose activities that adjust to your level. If your interests or goals change, you are can change the focus of your lesson at anytime by explaining what you’d like to work on next!

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Detailed Information about Our Lessons

Speaking Fluency & Confidence

Reach a higher level of fluency with us: 

  • Express your thoughts in a more natural way
  • Pronunciation analysis and exercises
  • Use phrasal verbs and expressions
  • Storytelling and Small talk
  • Responding naturally in everyday situations
  • Sound more interesting and engaging
  • Explain your ideas in more detail
  • Develop better tone and rhythm while you speak
  • Building confidence to speak about a wide range of topics

Our teachers will chose the perfect activities for your level to build your confidence and develop your speaking skills!

Enhance your Listening Skills

Is your strategy to improving your listening is only listening to a lot of audio? Although this is common advice, it’s also the slowest way to improve your skills. 

Our expert teachers know effective techniques that can help you rapidly improve your listening skills to:

  • Understand ‘fast’ English and native speakers
  • Watch movies, videos and TV shows without subtitles
  • Improve listening comprehension to stop ‘guessing’ what you are hearing

By having one-to-one lessons with a native speaker, you can ask your teacher to stop and repeat anything that you didn’t understand or hear clearly. A very important step to understanding spontaneous conversations well. 

English for Immigrants

Both Curtis and Amy know very well the challenges of moving abroad after moving from Canada to Mexico in 2016.  We can help you to learn the type of communication you need to:

  • Make friends and feel comfortable in social situations
  • Get a better job
  • Feel confident handling everyday situations (banking, dining out, calling an internet company, etc.).

Let’s discuss the areas you would like to handle confidently in your new life abroad to make the most of the new opportunities!

English for Work or Business

Lessons that are customized to your job, industry and the types of tasks you need to handle in English:

  • Practice giving presentations
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Talking to colleges in a professionally and clear way
  • Writing emails
  • Hosting meetings
  • And much more

If you have a specific task that you need help with, book a lesson and tell me exactly what you’d like to be better prepared for.

Curtis and Amy have owned and operated several small businesses over the past 15 years. We can help you develop your skills to communicate effectively and confidently.

English for Advanced Learners:

If you are stuck at the advanced level and you aren’t quite sure how to improve your skills to sound natural, think automatically, and speak freely in an interesting way…

We are experienced at helping students overcome their barriers through a variety of lesson activities, resources, learning techniques that can push you through to the next level.

Example Activities Include:

  • Having debates
  • Discussions about interesting videos 
  • Learning to tell engaging stories
  • Dive deep into a topic of you are passionate to speak about
  • Story Retelling: You tell a story, we repeat the idea with ‘native speaker’ wording (recorded activity)

At an advanced level, the interests of each student are varied. In our first lesson, we will discuss where you feel you need to improve and develop a special strategy of lesson activities to keep you progressing! 

English for Intermediate Learners

Intermediate level learners in particular need to have the opportunity to practice speaking about topics they have studied on their own (listening or reading). 

Most of our lessons are a mix of speaking practice, listening comprehension and learning new vocabulary all at the same time. 

For these lessons, we like to use one of our ‘Real English Conversation’ audio lessons (with a full transcript). These lessons can be studied before your lesson with the teacher so that you can:

  • Ask questions about things you didn’t understand clearly
  • Use new vocabulary and phrases you found
  • Practice hearing the words related to the topic as your teacher is talking about it
  • Speaking a lot as you share your opinion about the topic, answer prepared questions and summarize parts of the lesson

Your teacher will modify the lesson depending on your level, interests and goals to make sure you continue making progress in your English communication skills!

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